About the Music

Peter Fogarty


Peter Fogarty



Peter Fogarty is a songwriter for over 20-years, with a passion for original music. While his recent style is very much lo-fi, folk, his musical experience has spanned childhood piano lessons, uni garage bands, diverse music collections and relentless gig going. Described once as the folk rock blend of Neil Young and Eddie Veder, Peter continues to write about love, life and loss in his own unique honest and emotional way.

An IT professional for a large global corporation by day and a singer songwriter by night. He was born in Australia and has worked in many locations. He spent the last three and a half years working in Singapore and bouncing between here and Brisbane, Australia.

Having played in bands in Australia in his youth, his hectic work travel schedule over the five years has resulted in his solo work capturing the feelings and thoughts as he travels. A troubadour at heart, a travelling minstrel, he currently gigs regularly in a number of locations around Singapore and Brisbane and is currently finalising the production of his first solo album here in Singapore, due in September 2013.


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