Exhibition Opening

 Colourful Expressions Conquer Singapore: A Meeting of Different Art Forms

 Exhibition opening shows interactions of photography, abstract painting and music

Singapore, 25 July 2013 – On the 24th of July, three Australian artists came together to merge their various art forms in a journey to explore and redefine notions of colour. This unique experience was a combined effort of abstract artist Robyn Saurine, photographer Gordon Carlyle, and singer-songwriter Peter Fogarty, at the opening for their new exhibition, Colourful Expressions at popular Australian hangout Kooka Café at Purvis Street

The three artists strived to portray their own idea of what colour means to them through their different mediums, and event-goers experienced each diverse perspective and how it drives their art style in different ways.


Photographer Gordon Carlyle (left), abstract artist Robyn Saurine (middle) and singer-songwriter Peter Fogarty (right) come together to explore different notions of colour.

The exhibition showcases Robyn Saurine’s darker and textured multi-media pieces that explore personal experiences such as missed opportunities and the beauty of travel, alongside Gordon Carlyle’s photographs of natural landscapes in Australia, which uses colours a way of challenging people to see nature in a new way. The display provided a visual feast, with their contrasting styles and brilliant colours.


Robyn Saurine shares her inspirations behind her paintings during this exclusive opening reception.

Singer-Songwriter Peter Fogarty also performed a set at the exhibition opening to accompany the visual showcase, and provide his own interpretation of colour through music. “Colour is life. Colour occurs in all forms of art, be it visual or aural. The colour and the texture of what we perceive is what give our lives reference,” Peter says. He is currently finalising the production of his first solo album here in Singapore, due in September 2013.


The opening reception was held at the cosy Kooka Café, and the exhibition will be displayed there until the 29th September

The paintings and photographs will be displayed at Kooka Café until the 29th September 2013, and can also be accessed on the Colourful Expressions online catalogue.

Details and Background


Kooka Café 18 Purvis Street, Singapore 188597

Nearest MRT stations: Bugis or Cityhall


General Opening Hours:
Tue – Thu: 10:30am – 7pm

Fri – Sat: 10:30am – 10pm

Sun: 10:30am – 6pm

For more images and information, please contact:
Liang Hwei, +65 90013827 / lianghwei@preciouscomms.com

Find the press release here.


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