About The Photographs

Gordon Carlyle

Silhouette over Gold


There is always another perspective’

As a photographer, this is the byline by which Gordon operates. Travel and the combination of his two great recreational loves, photography and off road motorcycle riding, present an opportunity like no other to explore different perspectives.

Gordon currently works for a global corporation in IT. He was born in Australia and has lived in various locations in Australia, The Netherlands and for the last three and a half years Singapore. Gordon has travelled extensively for work and leisure and as such brings a global perspective to his work. Gordon’s photography and writing reflect the many different perspectives of the world and tend to focus on more remote and unusual locations often seeking the abstract in the natural world.

Gordon Carlyle started his photographic journey as a 12-year-old when he was given a camera for his birthday.  His photography style is selective, offers different perspectives and intends to be thought provoking and inspiring while portraying natural beauty.


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