About the Exhibition

Colourful Expressions: Three Vibrant Art Forms Combined
Unique Exhibition of photography, abstract painting and music

Kooka Café: 24 July – 29 September 2013

Singapore, 18 July – Three Australian artists – a painter, photographer, and musician, are coming together to merge their various art forms in a journey to explore and redefine notions of colour. Their exhibition, Colourful Expressions, will be opening in Singapore on the 24th July, and they are inviting friends and fans of those three distinct art forms to join them in this unique experience.

Abstract artist Robyn Saurine, photographer Gordon Carlyle, and singer-songwriter Peter Fogarty will be coming together for the first time in this special exhibition opening. Colourful Expressions will be a presentation of a series of their vibrant artworks, portraying diverse perspectives, and done in an abstract, edgy style. Through this collaboration, all three artists will be showcasing their love for colour, which drives each of their art styles and media in varying ways.

I’ve always loved colour,” said Saurine. “When I was younger I starting expressing this interest through hair colours, and actually completed a hairdressing vocational course while at high school.” Robyn Saurine has come a long way since her hairdressing course, pushing the limits to explore the world of texture, colour and collage. Her paintings are mainly texture experimental using mixed media and acrylic.

Alongside Robyn’s paintings, Gordon Carlyle’s photographs will use brilliant colours to portray the natural world in thought-provoking and inspiring way. “I would like people to see both the simplicity and complexity of the natural world,” he said, “and how it can be presented in a way that is somewhat abstract without losing its inherent beauty.”

Robyn Saurine’s experimental paintings will be displayed alongside Gordon’s photographs of the natural world in a brilliant sea of colours.

Musician Peter Fogarty will be playing at the exhibition opening, providing an aural feast to pair with the visual stimulations from Robyn’s paintings and Gordon’s photographs. While his art form is non-visual, Peter believes that he still portrays colour through his music.

Colour is life. Colour occurs in all forms of art, be it visual or aural. The colour and the texture of what we perceive is what give our lives reference,” Peter says.

The three artists’ collaboration will begin on the 24 July at 6:30pm at Kooka Café, a cosy Australian café tucked in a corner of Purvis Street. The unique showcase will run for 9 weeks.



Kooka Café 18 Purvis Street, Singapore 188597
Nearest MRT stations: Bugis or Cityhall

Opening Reception:
6:30pm on 24 July 2013

General Opening Hours:
Tue – Thu: 10:30am – 7pm
Fri – Sat: 10:30am – 10pm
Sun: 10:30am – 6pm

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